There are two important terms to understand when it concerns structuring content to suit the needs of an online audience. The first is readability which is really a measure of how well your content reads.

The second – scannability is an understanding of the general mindset of a visitor’s sense of scepticism. Therefore, your content should allow him/her to ‘scan’ through before he can make up his/her mind on staying or leaving the page in question.

That said, here are some areas that require your attention while editing:

Paragraphs: a ‘thought-a-bit’ is a simple starting point. Small paragraphs make for faster consumption of information. Even in case of longer reasoning, the same can be divided into flowing yet closely related paragraphs.

Lists: Best you choose bullets over enumerations because the latter offers more readability as well as creates the necessary eyeball grabbing feature for the details within.

Bold And Italic: As opposed to paper, there is far more tolerance for increasing strength of view of web text by emboldening it. Applicable for both titles and running text, it offers visitors with a ‘pit-stop’ in the race to complete reading of the page.

Italicizing is somewhat tricky on the web and it warrants caution. Therefore, choice of font plays an important role here. Italics may be used to highlight unique words that aren’t naturally a part of the group but nevertheless serve a purpose.

Sub-Headings And Indentations: Sub-headings provide not just a sub-grouping of context, but they also offer a great place for anchor links.

Indentation is an important way of showing citations. By indenting the block from the left, and putting it in quotations, you let the reader know that this is to be viewed differently from preceding and succeeding paragraphs.

Font And Contrast: The choice of font should be in line with the overall theme and colour combination of your website. A good font makes reading easy.

Computer screens have a tendency of giving more impetus to visuals as opposed to text, and that is why providing as much contrast as possible ensures that your text makes for an easy read for the visitor.

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