As with any body of writing, a write-up for a website will contain the basic elements – a headline, introduction, body and conclusion. However, given that you have a wide variety of fonts to pick from, the choice of a web-font will impact the overall style and to a certain extent the tone of your article, post or page.

For instance, headline or master title should have a catchy and all-encompassing wording to it, no doubt. But, if it doesn’t have the right font style or font size, then the overall sheen of the headline is somewhat reduced in the eyes of the online viewer.

Therefore, the top characteristics of an effective web text ought be:

  • Easy on the eye in that its typographical and substantive importance should show off well on the screen.
  • Effective and credible for a master-title offers an incisive peek towards that body of work that is to flow in the rest of the webpage.
  • Impactful because most if not all web content is written with the mindset of capturing the online reader’s attention so as encourage him/her into performing a pre-desired action – click, donation, purchase, feedback etc.

How Difficult Is It To Write Web Texts?

Quite honestly, its never going to be easy to fill a website with quality content from the word go, especially if you have never done it before. However, perseverance, and inculcation of the right writing discipline can go a long way in righting the wrongs when viewed over a period of time.

The important thing to understand is that your website is neither static nor a template. In other words, it has a life of its own. How much breath of fresh air you wish to pump into it will depend on you and more importantly, on your understanding of the target audience you cater to.

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