Search-engines creates an important difference between the Web and other media for a writer. The thought put into the web content plays a role in the placement it receives in search result lists. So, spare a thought for things that are not directly visible on the page but instead have the potential to help that page rank highly.

Page Title

The page’s HTML title is one factor that usually gives large eruptions in the ranking of pages. It is also important because it becomes the link text in the results list.

This title is not the same as the page title. Instead this is the title that’s visible at the very top of the browser window.

This title should have:


“Metropolitan Painting service-Welcome!” works great for if its is a well-known company. Else, something like “big city Painting services: flooring, wallpaper and paint.” works if you are a small enterprise looking for online visibility.

Choose the right keywords

Most search engine spiders will index (“load”) the full-text and look for a main keyword to categorize and rank you. Typically they would look for word(s) that appear often to ascertain theme or context.

Its hard to put a finger on what a good keyword would be for your page. It all depends on your content.

However, give a thought to doing some keyword research beforehand. It will give you a good idea of what words you can use and how much competition there exists for that set of words.

Don’t forget that which is obvious. Even if your company’s name, images, context, etc. says exactly what your page is about, you’ll need to write the keywords. Text in images/graphics are not indexed.

Try not to overdo it and whatever the case, never ever try and hide keyword repetitions. Crawlers are sufficiently sophisticated to detect it and when they do, you will be deindexed like that!

Meta Tags

Meta-tags let search-engine crawlers know beforehand what they are looking for. Plus, because they contain a gist of what your webpage is about, its easier for the search-engine to show that content as a part of the description on their search results page.

Worth Noting

Final ranking is determined by many other factors: the page’s structure, who you link to and the ones who link to you, how many people click your link in the results list, and so on.